Chuseok Itinerary

Take a peek into my Chuseok Itinerary!❤

7 Days Itinerary in Seoul

Here’s my recommended itinerary for a week. I also include the possible expenses per day.

Hostel Korea Changdeokgung

The best hostel in the palace quarter

Things to Pack for Winter

Winter in Korea 101

Banana Tree

Eat some sweets in a flower pot!

4.19 Revolution Memorial Hall

A memorial for April 19th Revolution

Autumn in Korea

When is the best time to visit Korea?

K Style Hub

Meet and greet some Hallyu Stars!

Mt. Gwanaksan

The Mountain of the hat-shaped peak

E2 visa for Filipino Teachers in Korea

Can Filipinos teach English in Korea?

Garden of the Morning Calm

The oldest private garden in Korea

Gapyeong Itinerary

Ultimate Guide to Gapyeong City Tour