Chuseok Itinerary

Take a peek into my Chuseok Itinerary! ❤

7 Days Itinerary in Seoul

Here’s my recommended itinerary for a week. I also include the possible expenses per day.

Things to do in N Seoul Tower

The Ultimate Guide in N Seoul Tower

One Day Hanbok

The Korean adventure is better when you walk around the palaces wearing the hanbok.

A Blogger’s Marketing Proposal

How to make a blogger’s marketing proposal?

Children’s Museum

Children’s museum should be in your itinerary if you’re traveling with a child.

Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum is the World’s first and only Artificial Reality Museum

KBS Experience Hall

Check out the activities you can do in KBS ON!

Secret of the Month

Wanna know my secret?

KBS Music Bank

My KBS Music Bank Experience

KBS Music Bank

How did I get a ticket to KBS Music Bank?