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Where to buy hanbok in Korea?

Seoullo 7017

What can you see in Seoullo 7017?

Filipino Bloggers in Korea

Get to know the Filipino Bloggers in Korea!

How to get a SIM Card in Korea?

Would you like to use a Prepaid SIM Card, Pocket WiFi, Roaming, or YASSGO SIM CARD?

NU Skin

Check out my NU Skin Experience!

Things to do in Seoul during Rainy Season

Don’t let the rainy season ruin your trip. There are lots of indoor activities to do in Seoul.

Summer Activities for Kids!

During summer, while adults are too busy working, the children tend to get bored in the house. I’m writing this article to give a list of summer activities that your kids might enjoy.

Things to Eat in Korea

What to eat in Korea?

Spring in Korea

When’s the best time to visit Korea?

Letters from North Korea

I saw some letters from North Korea and they are fascinating.